Ms. Sonia Cadornigara

Homeless Peoples Federation of the Philippines
Community Leader
Speaker Bio
I am a Community Leader/volunteer living in an informal settlement facing eviction threats. A founding member of Kabalaka Homeowners Association affiliated to HPFPI since 1996 to up to present. HPFPI is a self help peoples organization dealing with issues of evictions, demolitions and communities without security of tenure. I was part of the HPFPI governance structure that was able to mobilize grassroots communities with an approximate 50,000 family membership nationwide. 1998-2019 Was elected as Board member of the international network of urban and rural poor communities named Slum Dwellers International (SDI) with a membership of 34 countries from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Also one of the coordinators for Asia and part of the over all management committee of SDI. In 2000 – Lead a group of 72 families to acquire foreclosed land from the Bank of the Phillippine Islands (BPI) in the amount of 3 million pesos through a community savings program. A milestone from the communities effort and desperate needs for land without the support from the government. In 2006- Was able to collectively manage and lead the community process of community-led housing construction with the support funding from UK and Swedish government through SDI. With these resources we were able to build 172 units of low cost housing using alternative materials with full participation of the communities in partnership with the local government academe and the private sector. 2014- Was able to partner with Hilti Foundation for the construction of 75 Housing units,using bamboo as a material in our search for a sustainable, available, environment friendly, disaster resilient, local materials for housing construction. This is also done in partnership with the city government through the provision of land as their counterpart. In general, I was able to represent the Homeless Peoples Federation Phillippines and SDI in various forums and conferences both Local and International since 1998 up to present. Our partners in this forums are: UN Habitat, Cities Alliance, UNDP, Norwegian and Swedish Government, Gates Foundation, World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, Hilti Foundation, Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) among others.. Because of this multi sectoral representation and engagements towards various urban poor issues, we were able to institutionalized some of our engagements and I was also given recognitions and awards such as: The Outstanding Women of Iloilo City by the city government, The Urban Leadership Awards by Canadian Urban Institute, Theresa Magbanua Awards for promoting the rights of Women and Children, Distinguished Alumna Awards by the University of San Agustin.
Ms. Sonia Cadornigara
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