Mr. Shobhakar Dhakal

Asian Institute of Technology
Speaker Bio
Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal is Professor of Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. His activities comprise of low carbon and climate resilient cities and energy and climate change mitigation policies. Prof. Dhakal is Coordinating Lead Author (CLA) of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (WGIII) for Chapter on Emission Trends and Drivers. As CLA, he had led Chapter on Human Settlements in IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report too. Prof. Dhakal recently co-chaired Cities & Climate Change Science Conference (March 5-7, 2018, Edmonton, Canada) which was jointly organized by ten global institutions to set the future direction of research on Cities and Climate Change through research-policy-practice partnerships of communities. Recently, he also co-led a global synthesis titled “Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities” which was initiated by Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) and published in 2018 by the Cambridge University of Press.
Mr. Shobhakar Dhakal
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