Mr. Robert Guild

Asian Development Bank
Chief Sector Officer
Speaker Bio
Dr Robert Guild is Chief Sector Officer of the Asian Development Bank. He is responsible for ADB-wide technical collaboration, innovation, and knowledge management for sector groups in transport, energy, urban, water, education, health, and finance. He is also responsible for management and resource mobilization for 19 bank-wide trust funds covering all sectors. He has been with the Asian Development Bank since 2003. Dr Guild is an expert on infrastructure investment for social and economic development. He has advised governments, the private sector, and multilateral institutions in over two dozen countries in Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America on public investments, public-private partnerships, and national and regional development plans. He holds degrees in civil engineering, public administration, urban and regional planning, and international development. Dr Guild began his career as an engineer in the United States and has worked extensively for bilateral and multilateral agencies in international development. He has held faculty appointments at universities in the United States, the Pacific region, and New Zealand.
Mr. Robert Guild
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