Mr. Nelson Legacion

Naga City
Speaker Bio
As the new mayor of Naga City, Atty. Nelson S. Legacion vows to bring close to the people the city government and to create a more enabling and more empowering environment for the Nagueños, captured in his administration's slogan "Nalalaoman. Nasasarigan. Nangangataman." (Reliable. Dependable. Caring). His leadership directions focus on making Naga a self-reliant and caring city. Atty. Legacion's career as a public servant began when he was appointed as Legal Officer by Interior Secretary Jesse M. Robredo, wherein he successfully represented Naga from an ejectment case, which, if lose, would have cost hundreds of millions of pesos to the Nagueños or, worst, crippled the functions of the government. For this accomplishments and loce for Naga, Legacion was elected as city councillor (2007 - 2010 & 2010 - 2013) and, afterwards, as vice mayor (2013 - 2016 & 2016 - 2019). As legislator, he wrote local laws that help uplift the socio-economic status of the underprivileged.
Mr. Nelson Legacion
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