TPr. Dato’ Mohd Anuar Maidin

Director General
Speaker Bio
Dato' TPr haji Mohd Anuar bin Maidin was born in Terengganu, Malaysia in October 1960. He received the Degree in Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning in 1983, and Master Degree in Planning in 2004 from the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). In 1983, he began his career by joining the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning, as Town and Country Planning Officer. On February 2006, he has promoted as a Head Assistant Secretary at Federal Territory Ministry and in the same year on April, he also promoted as a Project Manager for Development Plan Studies around Malaysia. Due of his hard-earned, Dato' TPr Haji Mohd Anuar bin Maidin promoted as Director of Town and Country Planning Department for states of Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu and Penang on July 2007. He also appointed as National Representative of Malaysia for ASEAN Smart City Network (May 2018 - January 2019). He was a Deputy of Director General Planning at PLANMalaysia {Town and Country Planning Department Headquarters) from March 2018 until August 2019. Now he is assigned as a Director of PLANMalaysia.
TPr. Dato’ Mohd Anuar Maidin
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