Penang Platform for Sustainable Urbanization

A Dynamic Partnership to Accelerate City Actions for Sustainable Development in Asia-Pacific

The sustainability challenge in Asia-Pacific will be won or lost in cities.

Massive shifts—demographic, economic, social, and geopolitical—are already underway and pose serious challenges for theenvironment, livelihoods and social well-being. At the same time,the opportunities presented by urbanization to lift countries out ofpoverty and on to sustainable development trajectories aretremendous.

The future of Asia-Pacific societies are to a large extent dependenton the way cities are planned, financed and managed. The challengefor the region continues to be how these transformative urbanprocesses can be leveraged for achievement of the 2030 Agenda forSustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda.

Within this context, the Penang Platform for Sustainable Urbanization(PPSU) brings together an alliance of partners to pursue the following‘CITI’ objectives in Phase 1 (2019-2023):


to accelerate the implementation of integrated and sustainable city solutions in at least 10 cities


The use of innovative tools and models, research and evidence, and good practices on sustainable urban development by urban actors across the region


Access to existing resources and forge new partnerships to mobilize catalytic funds for enhanced local-level solutions


Political will for sustainable urbanization across the region level via adoption of enabling policies and budgets


In order to achieve CITI objectives above, the PPSU willwork as a “coalition of the willing” across four focus areas.

Key focus areas of the Penang Platform For Sustainable Urbanization, 2019 – 2023

Elaborate and implement joint frameworks for ation on sustainable urban development in selected cities

Platform members work together in selected cities to harmonize, align, simplify, and coordinate their support into a tailored unified city support program. This will both address fragmentation and create opportunities for synergistic support.

Facilitate access to catalytic funding, through conventional and innovative local finance mechanisms

Platform members will connect cities and communities to public and private financiers with shared commitments to boosting resilience and sustainability. New and innovative financing mechanisms and instruments will be explored including, bonds, venture philanthropy networks, and other sources of pooled and blended finance

Provide tailored technical assistance and capacity development to adapt global best practices and models of Asia-Pacific cities

Platform members will align on priority models, practices and pathways for sustainable urban development that respond to the challenges facing Asia-Pacific cities and develop a coordinated menu of technical and capacity support packages provided by one or more members to empower cities to translate and implement global best practices and models.

Platform members will work with cities to identify priority areas where gaps in the evidence and practice exist, and promote pilots, research, exchanges, and other methods to address those gaps and inform urban practice and policy at all levels.

Who are its members and how can I join?

Founding members of PPSU are:
100 Resilient Cities, Penang Island City Council, CityNet, Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), Commonwealth Local Government Forum, European Union-International Urban Cooperation Programme (IUC), Huairou Commission, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Japan (IGES), The Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, UN-Habitat, ESCAP and Urbanice Malaysia.

100 Resilient Cities
Penang Island City Council
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR)
Commonwealth Local Government Forum
European Union-International Urban Cooperation Programme (IUC)
Huairou Commission
ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Japan (IGES)
The Rockefeller Foundation
United Nations Development Programme
Urbanice Malaysia
United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC)
If your organization is interested in learning more, contributing to or joining the PPSU, please contact us at: