Urban Innovation

Urban Innovations: 46

Capacity building partnerships for achieving more resilient urban and peri-urban communities across the Asia-Pacific

Day 3 – Thursday, 17 October 2019
11:00 - 12:30
Function Room 10
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Nora Steurer
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Lead Organization
Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH)
Partner Organizer(s)
  • Commonwealth Association of Planners
  • Commonwealth Local Government Forum
  • Kiribati Local Government Association
  • PNG Government
  • UN Global Compact – Cities Programme
  • UN Women
Lead Organizer(s)

In this session we will establish a capacity building road map for all cross-sectoral professionals involved in sustainable urban and territorial planning across the Asia-Pacific region.

We will present the progress made with Pacific local government authorities in building their capacity for bottom-up approaches for achieving resilient and sustainable communities. We will discuss the programme recently launched at the Fifth UN Pacific Urban Forum (PUF-5) as a joint initiative of EAROPH and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum that includes supporting project implementation activities such as:

  • assisting local governments to build the wellbeing and productivity of workers including women in the informal economy, building on the work of the PNG Government in needs assessment and policy development, and progressing this to localised implementation;
  • developing and implementing new small-scale technologies for waste management and energy production (including W2E) as a foundation for building local economies that address climate change and the emerging New Local Blue Agenda;
  • supporting “one village, one product” models for maximising value from village enterprises and developing marketing opportunities, as well as other development initiatives that assist rural/remote communities including those on small outlying islands;
  • assisting planning and related professionals with risk hazard mapping and the developing innovative approaches to building resilient communities through proactively involving youth and other hard to reach groups.

Our session will focus on identifying innovative partnership capacity building projects for countries within the Asia-Pacific region that may be piloted and maintained, particularly where are there synergies between countries.

Objectives of the Session
Introduction of the Topic
Guiding Questions


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