Urban Innovation

Urban Innovations: 45

Digital Technologies, Data & Urban Finance – A Focus on Innovative Water Solutions for Smart Cities

Day 3 – Thursday, 17 October 2019
11:00 - 12:30
Function Room 9
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Nora Steurer
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Lead Organization
InfraBlocks Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Partner Organizer(s)
  • Marubeni
  • Finnacle Capital
  • Global Legal Solutions
Lead Organizer(s)

The objective of this Urban Innovation Session is to explore how digital technologies can act as a catalyst to achieve the SDGs by attracting private sector participation to finance sustainable management systems for smart cities.

The proposed session will bring both public and private sector viewpoints to analyse the potential of technologies from technical, financial, legal and regulatory perspectives. It will consist of a panel of speakers from different backgrounds to represent all these perspectives.

The Urban Innovation Session is expected to last 90 minutes and it will include 5 presentations (10 minutes each) followed by 5 minutes Q&A for each session. The presentation will end with a debate (15 minutes) to allow the speakers to interact with the audience and to debate together:

Presentation #1

Title: Creating Innovative Policies to Attract Private Sector Participation in Urban Financing

Speaker: Jyoti Bisbey, UN-ESCAP

Presentation #2

Title: Trends in Water Infrastructure in cities in Asia – The Big Picture

Speaker: Shubhomoy Ray, Finnacle Capital

Presentation #3

Title: Digital Technologies & Big Data – Building Smart Cities to Reach SDGs?

Speaker: Cedric Joutet, InfraBlocks Technologies

Presentation #4

Title: Achieving Digital Transformations to Reach the SDGs

Speaker: Kushibe Yuji, Marubeni

Presentation #5

Title: Legal approach to finance water infrastructure

Speaker: Margarita Salvina, Global Legal Solutions

Objectives of the Session
Introduction of the Topic
Guiding Questions


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