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Delivering solutions to address urban air pollution

Day 3 – Thursday, 17 October 2019
11:00 - 12:30
Function Room 7
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Nora Steurer
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UN Environment Programme
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About 4 billion people – 92 per cent of Asia and the Pacific’s population – are exposed to levels of air pollution that pose a significant risk to their health. According to the World Health Organization, most cities in low- and middle- income countries have air quality above the recommended value for public health protection. With half of the population of Asia Pacific living in cities, this means that many people are breathing unhealthy air.

Fortunately, the region is home to numerous and tested solutions that can help beat air pollution, save lives and protect our planet. Asia Pacific Clean Air Partnership and Climate and Clean Air Coalition identified 25 clean air measures that can help the region substantially improve air quality, with benefits for health and climate.

Addressing air pollution also supports the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, with the view of leaving no one behind and providing a cleaner environment, improved health and wellbeing of people while safeguarding our environment.

The session will feature successful case studies of city solutions using a range of approaches including technology and policy to address urban air pollution and will put forward recommendations for future approaches.

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