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Strengthening Knowledge, Partnerships, and Engagement to accelerate progress: the New Urban Agenda Platform: A UN-Habitat Global Initiative

Day 1 – Tuesday, 15 October 2019
09:00 - 10:30
Function Room 7
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Nora Steurer
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  • UN-Habitat
  • UCLG
  • Huairou Commission
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The New Urban Agenda (NUA) and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 places urbanization at the forefront of development policy, recognizing sustainable urbanization’ critical role for overall development and prosperity in both developed and developing countries. Governments, UN entities, global and regional organizations, and other stakeholders, are seeking innovative and effective ways to accelerate progress in the implementation of the NUA and SDGs.

To effectively track progress, UN-Habitat will launch the New Urban Agenda (NUA Platform) and Member States Reporting Guidelines at a Special Session at the World Urban Forum 10, in Abu Dhabi (8-13 February 2020).

This event will gather regional and global partners to discuss the objectives and features of the NUA Platform, which will systematize and share progress on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda as reported through the UN Secretary General’s Quadrennial Reports on the Progress on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. UN-Habitat will present the interlinkages between the Platform and the Member States Reporting Guidelines, best practices database, the global urban indicators databases, a relevant knowledge and learning platforms to ensure strong synergies and efficient knowledge production and transfer.

The event is one of a series of regional multi-stakeholder consultations led by UN-Habitat to strengthen governance, activate engagement and foster partnerships for concrete actions for the initiative. Participants will be invited to provide feedback on the national and regional knowledge needs to be included in the initiative, as well as how to synchronize with existing regional platforms in Asia-Pacific.

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Nairobi, Kenya & Fukuoka, Japan

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