Urban Innovation

Urban Innovations: 2

A panoramic view of urban Asian food systems: An FAO-World Bank Initiative

Day 1 – Tuesday, 15 October 2019
09:00 - 10:30
Function Room 6
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Nora Steurer
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Lead Organization
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Partner Organizer(s)
  • The World Bank (WB)
Lead Organizer(s)

In 2019, FAO and the World Bank launched a regional study on urban food systems in Asia to examine and evaluate opportunities for mainstreaming food into urban planning and determine the conditions for more proactive actions on urban food within the city ecosystem. The study followed a multi-stage framework going from breath to depth and integrated analysis of urban planning (public sector), food supply chain (agro-food industry) and consumers (urban residents).  In phase, urban planners, municipal government and other government entities were interviewed over 150 cities from 21 countries in Asia. The on-line survey covered issues on urban food initiatives, governance, as well as opportunities and challenges related to food provision and improving food nutrition. Stage 2 of the study focused on selected focal cities and included in-depth assessments of food supply chains, urban planners and urban consumers). Cities analyzed include Colombo/Sri Lanka, Davao/Philippines, Huhumale/Maldives, Khon Kaen/Thailand, Pune/India, Karachi/Pakistan, and Surabaya/Indonesia. This side event will offer preliminary results from the urban planner surveys (phase I) and to highlight food related development for the following three cities. Bandung city (Indonesia) which lunched a research plan to be a food smart city;  Ahmedabad (India) with a large vegetable sourcing from per-urban areas and has urban farmers associations and indoor agriculture; and Khon Kaen (Thailand), a future smart city- but is it also food smart city? At the side event, representatives from these cities will present their perspectives on interesting food relate initiatives and share perspectives on mainstreaming food systems within urban development.

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