SWITCH - Asia Sustainable Consumption and Production Facility, Community of Interest on Housing

SWITCH - Asia Sustainable Consumption and Production Facility, Community of Interest on Housing

Pre Forum – Monday, 14 October 2019
09:30 - 17:30
Function Room 12
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Launched in 2007 with funding from the European Union, the SWITCH-Asia Programme achieved more than a decade of progress on sustainable consumption and production across Asia.In October 2017, SWITCH-Asia II established the Bangkok-based SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility (SCPF) with the mandate to strengthen the implementation of SustainableConsumption and Production (SCP) policies at the national and subnational levels and raise awareness about the topic, scale-up good practices, and build stakeholders’ capacities.The Facility aims to enhance networking among key stakeholders on SCP by creating an internal dialogue between components of the Programme, namely, the EU Grant Projects and the Regional Policy Advocacy Component (RPAC )implemented by UN Environment. It also is invested in promoting an external dialogue by communicating results to relevant stakeholders. The Facility covers 24 countries inCentral, South and Southeast Asia.

Community of Interest on Housing

The SCPF fosters dynamic and evolving Communities of Interest (CoI), providing a platform to multi stakeholders to discuss, learn and share best practices and trends on sustainable policies that may feed into the policy process. This space will also host discussions and development of common positions and joint statements, enabling stakeholders to speak as a unified voice in the international arena. Additionally, the CoI will facilitate cross fertilisation between European and Asian stakeholders with a platform to exchange their common challenges and opportunities.The objectives of the CoI Housing are to move beyond the extensive work that has been done on buildings, and further promote initiatives at the urban communities-level through housing projects where limited improvements in resource efficiency can have larger and longer-term impacts.

The 2nd Face to Face Meeting

The 1st kickoff face-to-face meeting of CoI on Housing was successfully organised in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2018, catalysing discussions on potential advances on housing policy, developers’ interest, funding areas, inflow of formal capital and use of technology to maximise efficiency. Special discussions on green construction and green housing also took place. During the meeting, areas of concern and possible actions required to address the issues revolving around housing in Asia were identified and consensus was achieved on the importance of the CoI on Sustainable Housing.

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